Choosing a Center Stone: Natural Diamond, Lab-Grown Diamond or Moissanite?

When first starting the process of shopping for an engagement ring, you might be slightly overwhelmed by the large selection of styles. You might have even thought your only option for a center stone was a natural diamond, but now you are presented with three: natural diamond, lab-grown diamond or moissanite. How do you decide […]

Protecting Your Jewelry During the Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means a season of family and good cheer for many out there. For those who regularly wear their engagement ring, wedding ring or any other jewelry pieces however, this is a season where just a bit of extra care is needed. At Diamonds by Monet we offer a […]

What Is Rhodium Plating?

What Is Rhodium? Rhodium is an extremely durable metal that is part of the platinum family and is a bright silvery-white color. Highly reflective, it will not tarnish and is allergy-friendly and harder than gold – which makes it ideal for jewelry plating! What Is Rhodium Plating? Jewelers use two methods to rhodium plate jewelry […]

Choosing the Perfect Ring Setting

Like the perfect frame for a beautiful painting, the perfect ring setting will complement and enhance a beautiful diamond or gemstone while also expressing your individual style and character. If you’ve ever seen an optical illusion, you know surroundings can affect appearances. Even the moon seems to grow when it’s closer to the horizon (fittingly […]

Diamond Shapes | What Shape is Your Style?

While it may not be part of the 4 C’s (though is often confused with Cut), diamond shape plays a starring role alongside them in the appearance of your diamond. Shape of a diamond can affect light reflection (and therefore sparkle), visibility of color or clarity flaws, and appearance of the hand on which the […]

The Four Cs of Diamonds | Color . Clarity . Cut . Carat

Every diamond tells a different story. No two diamonds will catch the light with exactly the same sparkle or reflect the world with the same clarity, which can make choosing a diamond seem far more a mystifying art than an exact science. Fortunately, the qualities that all diamonds share helped gemologists develop comparison and evaluation […]

A New Beginning | Giving Your Rings a New Life After Divorce

There’s neither a perfect answer nor a perfect timeline for resolving the question of a wedding ring after divorce. Selling the ring immediately, tucking it into a drawer until the air has cleared, or even leaving it in a spot you’ll never revisit can bring you some sense of peace and finality. And for those […]

Jewelry Care: Simple Steps for a Lifetime of Sparkle

When you think about the sorts of antiques gracing the homes of collectors and lining the shops of our cities, jewelry is in a uniquely enduring class. For every piece of vintage jewelry brightening a display cabinet, there’s a piece that still adorns a proud owner. We don’t often think of today’s jewelry purchases as […]